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Motorise iT - Electric Curtains, Blinds, Smart Home Hubs

Curtain Blind Motor

Curtain Blind Motor

Somfy, Forest Drapery, EvaGlide or SilentGliss blind and curtain motors

Price £99.99 - £299.99

Remote Controls

Remote Controls

Forest Drapery Hardware and Somfy latest remote controls

Price £39.99 - £199.99

Electric Curtain Tracks

Electric Curtain Tracks

Forest Drapery Hardware, SilentGliss and Somfy Electric curtain tracks

Price £299.99 - £2999.99

Home Automation Smart Hubs

Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Home Gadgets: EvaGlide Hub, Somfy Tahoma, Lutron Caseta

Price £199.99 - £1499.99


Curtain Blind Fitting Service by MotoriseiT

Blind/Curtain Fitting

Motorise-iT is a team of professional electric blind and curtain track fitters led by Material Concepts atelier in Battersea. With many years of experience, we specialise in electric blind and curtain track fitting services in London’s South West Region.

Made to Measure Curtains Blinds by Motorise iT

Made to Measure Service

No matter how big or small your window is, we can offer you with the best possible solution. Our blind and curtain rails are cut to size to fit your window perfectly. Furthermore, we are happy to add a quality fabric to your curtain track or smart blind!

Window Measurement Service by MotoriseiT

Window Measurements

Our specialists will take all window measurements and provide any advice required, opening your home up to a world of electric curtains and blinds. We offer a fitting service too, with price depending on the size and complexity of the job.

Bespoke programming

Bespoke Programming

Your needs are likely to be somewhat different to your neighbours, which is why it is so essential to programme your products following them. Our Bespoke programming service offers a whole-system approach to your Smart blinds or curtains.

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