Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery storage

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery storage for home owners

Maximise your self-consumption by storing the excess energy your solar system produces. The advances in storage capacity and battery technology mean that home owners can now take control of how much energy they purchase from the grid.

How does battery storage work? The concept of battery storage is relatively simple. While your solar panels are generating energy during the day, the energy they produce will first meet the household’s current energy demands. Any excess energy will be diverted to the battery, instead of being sent to the national grid. Once the battery is fully charged excess energy is then fed into the national grid.

When the panels are producing less energy than the home is demanding, the inverter will pull the free stored energy from the battery to feed the demand from the house. A typical home owner can expect to be 85% self sufficient from a 5KW battery and an appropriate solar PV system.

    Why should I have a battery with my solar PV System?
  • Electricity generated by your solar panels during the day can be stored for use in the evening.
  • Reduce your reliance on energy companies by having your own home energy system powered by sunlight.
  • Protect yourself against rising energy prices.
  • Can be retro fitted to any PV system.

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Tesla Powerwall 2

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